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How to Qualify for a Debt Relief Order

It is relatively easy to determine if you are eligible to apply for a Debt Relief Order. First of all you must be currently resident in England or Wales or, at any time in the last three years, have been resident or carrying out business in England or

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Annulment of Bankruptcy

In the world of personal insolvency the annulment procedure applies to bankruptcy only. Only the court has the power to order the annulment or cancellation of a bankruptcy order that has already been made.

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Dealing with the Official Receiver in Bankruptcy

The Official Receiver is a civil servant in The Insolvency Service and is an officer of the court and acts as the bankrupt’s trustee unless the court appoints an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) to take that role.

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What Happens After Bankruptcy?

Our previous article was entitled ‘How to go Bankrupt’. This article looks at the aftermath of becoming bankrupt.

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How to Go Bankrupt

If you want to find out more about how to go Bankrupt, then read this article detailing a more in-depth view on Bankruptcy. This article is written in a simple format with the key steps in going bankrupt in England and Wales explained with links to sources of additional and more detailed information, provided for those who wish to look into the matter more

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Famous Bankrupts Who Bounced Back

Bankruptcy is frequently described as the option of last resort for people in financial trouble. Yet some crumbs of comfort can be gleaned by people contemplating bankruptcy from the stories of people who were declared bankrupt, sometimes repeatedly, and yet rose phoenix-like from the ashes of their personal finances to achieve great things.

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Finding a Trusted Financial Advisor

Personal Financial Advisors come in all shapes and sizes and with considerably varying levels of qualifications, expertise and

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Marital Debt

The concept that Love Conquers All has been the theme of poetry, songs, plays, motion pictures and even superb works of art such as Caravaggio’s Amor Vincit Omnia. From the scriptures we're not surprised to come across a lot of references to the power of love.

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Car Loan Debt

Car Loans Can be Secured or Unsecured

Few people purchase their motor vehicles for cash at present. Financing can be a mix of trading in the current car, cash payment and funds supplied by a third party financial

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Bankruptcy is less severe in the UK

If there is one comforting thought for someone who is contemplating bankruptcy, it is to think about the many famous and even infamous people who became bankrupt at one time or another or even repeatedly over the course of their lives.

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