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If you are having difficulty keeping up with debt repayments we may be able to help. We can advise on all debt solutions available in the UK and could help you reduce your debts to an affordable amount.

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Debt Management

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an informal solution designed for people with unmanageable debts over £1,000 with repayments from just £90/month

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An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a formal solution designed for people struggling with debts over £10,000

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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is a way of paying off all of your debts with a loan that offers you just one monthly payment to cover all your debts.

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National Debt Relief

We are a private company offering debt advice and solutions to people struggling with debt. We speak to 1000s of people every month who want to do something about their debts. We offer a listening ear and friendly conversation, providing you with sound debt advice and offering a variety of debt solutions, both formal and informal that could help you reduce your monthly debt repayments and get back on track with your finances. We help you to address debts in a way that suits you, so you can continue living your life without the worries that debt can bring.

When you contact us we will run through your situation to help you identify what options you have available to address your debts.


If you’d like more information on other sources of free debt help and advice you can visit MoneyHelper – an organisation, backed by government and set up to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt. - Click here to visit MoneyHelper

Fees and Key information

We are happy to provide you with debt advice only. We only charge a fee if you opt for one of our debt solutions. Fees will depend on which debt solution we provide and what your personal circumstances are. All fees will be discussed prior to commencement of any service or debt repayment plan. Click here to read our fees and key info Please note: From time to time we may refer you to other services providers or charities such as the CAB.

Why choose National Debt Relief?

1. No Upfront Fees - Saving time and money

We are one of the only Debt Management companies who do not charge upfront fees. Paying any provider upfront fees will only cost you extra money that is completely unnecessary and could be going towards your creditors.

2. Instant set up

We can set up your Debt management Plan on the day you speak with us if you wish.

3. High acceptance rate

We have a good relationship with creditors and we fight very hard for every client to make sure their Debt Management Plan is carefully considered by the creditors so they can get the best outcome possible. We aim to get interest and charges frozen in your Plan wherever possible, although we cannot guarantee this.

4. Excellent Customer Service

We have an excellent customer care team. We are a family run company and our advisors have all been with us for many years. They are highly trained and will be able to answer any question quickly and professionally. You will also find us very friendly.

Our Philosophy

At National Debt Relief we are driven by providing just that...

"Debt Relief" to people who really need it.

We believe that everyone should have access to sound advice, information and the best possible options for their situation. We pride ourselves on offering good quality, caring customer service.

Our philosophy is reflected in the feedback we receive from our many happy clients and the results in the successful plans we put forward. Read some of our testimonials below taken from our many client reviews.

Debt management plan example

Client Debts

Loans £6,247
Credit Cards £5,264
Payday Loans £1,126
Overdraft £700
Store cards £320
Catalogue £78
TOTAL DEBT £13,735

Total monthly repayments before plan

£500 per month

Total monthly repayments when in plan

£250 per month

Debt management fees compared

We strive to provide you with the cheapest debt management plans. The table below shows a comparison of our fees and rates compared to a few of the other private debt management companies in the industry.

Debt Management Company Set up fee Monthly charge Min monthly fee
National Debt Relief No set up fee £25 plus £2 per account per lender £25 min - £50 max
Money Plus Advice £399 (monthly management fee also due from month 1) £46/pm or 49% of your monthly payment Whichever monthly charge is lower
GW Financial 50% of the first 4 monthly payments (max £700 in total) 17%, although a short term DMP with a payment of £80/pm will be subject to a fee of 49% £39.95 min - £90 max
DFH Financial Solutions 49% of the first 6 monthly payments subject to a maximum of £200 (Capped at 50% of set up fee and monthly fee together)
23.5% of your monthly payment from month 7 £39.50 min - £100 max

* DI stands for Disposable Income (the money you have available to pay towards your debts each month)

All information correct as of 10/07/2023. Information may be subject to change.