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Fantastic communication and helped me...

Fantastic communication and helped me out massively when i couldn't find any other solution. They went above and beyond and also helped me move to the next step to help me out even more so financially which left them without getting paid, so would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Massively helped me out

I have really been helped out by these, I had got myself into a little trouble with payday loans - I contacted these and spoke to a lady named Catherine who was really helpful and understanding - she advised me what to do and say to my creditors. We worked out a Debt Managment Plan and what I pay a month and it will be a lot better and consolidated. Can't thank Catherine and National Debt Relief enough for their help - I started feeling depressed and anxious due to the debt but Catherine has really help stop that. I would really reccommend these.

Easy a worried mind

I tend to panic for panics sake and all those at NDR ease my mind at every turn. Nothing seems too much.


From the moment i spoke to peter on the phone i felt like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders. He arranged everything for me at the start so that they could talk to the banks asap. I wouldn't have been able to do it all myself as i didn't know what to say to them. I'm 4 months into the plan and i have absolutely no complaints. I'm recommending them to everyone. Thank you so much i'm glad i finally realised i needed help.

Thank you

Thank you Paul. From the start of my plan to the end, you were there to help me. Being able to clear my debt in full with your help just feels amazing. I'm not going to run up debt again. I hope I never need your services again but if I do at least I know I'd be in good hands.

5 Star service

Thank you all for helping me out of a difficult time with my finances! Now that my debts are affordable I can stop stressing about how I'm going to get by each month! Great service from a great company.

Just brilliant

From the moment I started dealing with National Debt Relief I knew they were the right choice for me. They took over all my debts and contacted all my debts. Initially I still got letters from my lenders but this soon stopped. Going from being hounded day and night to nothing was just brilliant. Thank you to Marie for being amazing. Wouldn't hesitate recommending this company to anyone.

Great service always on hand to help

great set of people ...always on hand with any problems and queries that I have ring back when asked no bugging or jargon...and they keep to what they say would recommend them to anyone needing debt help.

Best Customer Service

Can I share my experience with you of your company. Since I decided to move all my debt to NDR, I have been met with nothing but kindness and professionalism throughout. The staff I dealt with initially (Olive) who set up everything for me in under an hour, and now Michelle Dunlop, who is my case manager, have been absolutely wonderful throughout. Nothing is too much trouble and I have peace of mind because of them: something that I had not had for some considerable time before contacting NDR, I know there are downsides to the action I have taken, but nothing compared to the worry month after month that I had before contacting yourselves. Please pass on my thanks to them and tell them they do a sterling job.

Saved my Life

From the first time i got in touch we ye I never looked back ye were a great help to me and put my mind at ease i got in to trouble with my credit cards would two banks and had depts of 23000 and my mother got very sick i had to stay at home from work to mind her and could not afford the repayments on the cards but thanks to the advisor at ndr she turned things around for me from day one she got my payments down to what I could afford and after only 8 months a family member left me a few thousand and I told her about this as i hated those bills hanging over me and she got a settlement from the banks for me for less than half the amount i owed the bank in the first place i will be for ever greatful to her and the ndr company for getting my life back I would recommend this company to anyone that is in bother call them and the will do all the can to help you.

Pressure realease realised - at last!

To whome it may concern. 5 stars would adequately describe the service provided by NDR and the team that looked after my personal situation at a time when it was becoming increasingly challenging to simply think clearly.

The pressure and darkness of a financial crisis reduces the ability to apply a logical plan as time seems to be either "putting out fires", "robbing Peter to pay Paul" or worst of all----DOING NOTHING!!!

I suffered all of the above for almost two years and finally having heard a simple radio advert on local radio I dragged myself down to NDR. I had a pleasant reception,a simple concern and evaluation of my situation, an explanation of what could be done, when and how best a plan could be implemented that I could afford. I stepped out of the NDR office quite literally a new man, a provisional plan in place and an appointment fixed for my next visit,an assurance that the "Team" would immediately contact my creditors and advise them that I was in process of appointing NDR as my representative.

Although not immediate it was apparent that my creditors were channelling their pursuits through NDR. THE RELIEF WAS AMAZING, back to some kind of normality. I have been under the wing of NDR for almost two years and the attention and assistance provided has been just perfect, we are now looking at a mutually acceptable resolution to my financial situation in the near future.

And,oh yes!---COST? Nothing up front but a monthly admin fee agreed at the initial meeting and a full and final settlement fee when that happy day arrives when you can be advised by NDR that your creditors will settle.

Value for money???--Oh yes, difficult to put a value on the service I have had.

In brief, if any of the above concern you and your current situation I would totally recommend the services of NDR. You will not be disappointed. To quote an old saying "I wish I had done it sooner--much sooner".

Can't thank you enough

I became a client of NDR in 2010 at a time when I was struggling to make ends meet given pay cuts and being a single parent. After borrowing according to my means at the time, the pay cut of course meant ends could no longer meet. Before things got out of hand I decided after reading other reviews to contact NDR for advice. An extremely helpful team discussed my options and explained how things would work. I was starting to get numerous calls and letters from creditors looking for full repayments on my loans but given the nature of the pay cut I received this was no longer possible. I used to ignore any unknown numbers or blocked numbers thinking all of the time that it was creditors looking to put pressure on me to repay loans. I was too embarrassed to answer the calls and too shy to take them on myself. After I contacted NDR and agreed a payment plan to repay my loans in a restructured way my life changed. No more calls, texts or letters from creditors demanding money. And that was all down to the negotiation skills of the team of fantastic staff at NDR. I'm forever grateful .. So if you're in the same situation, I would advise that you pick up the phone and take the first steps.

Excellent Service and very professional staff

I contacted National Debt Relief about 18 months ago in an effort to resolve some significant debt problems built up by a family member. The debts totalled a significant 5 figure sum and were across a number of credit cards and short term loans with a number of different borrowers.

Initially I tried to engage with the creditors on my own as I was wary of running up fees by using an external service. When my efforts failed, I tried N.D.R and they were able to advise me on how they would progress the situation and very importantly, that I would not be liable for any upfront fees.

My issue was handled by the lump sum settlement team and in general they were able to achieve discounts on the amounts outstanding of about 45%, their fee was simply a portion of the amount that was agreed to pay the creditor, so in effect, their fee was paid by the creditor. I would highly recommend the team and found their staff to be highly professional service when dealing with these sensitive matters.

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