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Debt in Ireland 2013

It is interesting to look back to 2009 and what we then felt needed to be done then to address the problems of personal insolvency so as ‘to alleviate the suffering of people with personal debt’.


Advantages of Debt

Not a lot it must be said. Except of course for the pleasure we might have enjoyed when we incurred the debt. It might have been a loan to fund a holiday or to purchase a new car or a suite of furniture.


Creditor Harassment

If you are unable to pay your debts as they fall due or have fallen behind in your payments to creditors then you can understand what harassment by creditors is.


Fix my Credit Rating

If you enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or a Debt Management Plan or go the Bankruptcy route, your credit worthiness will inevitably suffer.


In Debt from Christmas

I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to bring a little happiness to my family and friends. I didn’t want my children to have to do without. We deserve a little happiness. Everybody overspends a little at Christmas.


Dealing with Debts

Dos and Don’ts for Debtors

Are your debts increasing?


Credit Card Debt

For most of us it’s hard to imagine life without credit cards. We have become so used to our flexible friends that to give up using them is like a smoker giving up cigarettes.


Priority Bills

In the current recession many of us are faced with the dilemma of what bills to pay when we have insufficient income to pay everything. Debt Problems are a common occurence.


Get out of Debt

It’s a question many of us ask ourselves particularly in the current recession. There has been a huge growth in personal indebtedness in the last ten years.


Income for a Debt Solution

Anyone contemplating entering an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or engaging in a Debt Management Plan (DMP) or who may be thinking of petitioning for their own Bankruptcy (BKY) already knows that they are in financial difficulty.


DIY Christmas

With the recession biting deeply here are a few thought on how we might enjoy Christmas as much as ever without getting into (deeper) debt. The answer is DIY. Start with any (raw) materials or ingredients which you have to buy in order to make things such as food, gifts, presents, toys and so on. Pay in cash only. Avoid using credit cards, store cards, debit cards or cheques. If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy.


Clear Credit Cards

If you cannot pay your credit card bills then it is likely that other bills are not being paid either as they fall due: mortgage, rent, utilities, car HP, loans and overdrafts. However, if credit card bills are the only ones where payments are falling behind, perhaps you can do something about it. You really have to act because the problem grows greater and simply won’t go away. Let’s examine your options.


Find a Debt Advisor

Personal Debt Advisors come in all shapes and sizes and with considerably varying levels of qualifications, expertise and experience. If one is to trust one’s advisor it’s essential to have confidence that one is getting sound impartial advice that is based on a reasonable level of experience and that one’s Debt Advisor is appropriately qualified, licensed and registered. Certainly, if your personal solvency is in doubt, you will also want to be absolutely satisfied that you are dealing with a person of unquestioned integrity. What better person can you go to than a qualified, licensed and practising Insolvency Practitioner or IP, as the job is often labelled?


Marital Debt

The concept that Love Conquers All has been the theme of poetry, songs, plays, motion pictures and even superb works of art such as Caravaggio’s Amor Vincit Omnia. From the scriptures we’re not surprised to come across a lot of references to the power of love. St Paul wrote: ‘Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law’.


Car Loan Debt

Car loans can be secured or unsecured

Few people purchase their motor vehicles for cash at present. Financing can be a mix of trading in the current car, cash payment and funds supplied by a third party financial institution. The dealer will give a valuation of the motor vehicle being traded in and the potential buyer has to decide how the balance of the purchase price of the new or perhaps second hand car being bought, is to be financed.


Solutions for Debt

Seven Solutions for Dealing with Personal Debt Problems

There are many solutions for dealing with problems of personal debt but in the UK or specifically in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the top seven solutions probably account for over 98% of solutions. The legislation in Scotland is somewhat different to the rest of the UK so it is excluded from consideration for the purposes of this article.


Debt Relief

Think Before You Get Personal Debt Relief

Most of the articles you read regarding personal debt problems and solutions will strongly suggest that you should get independent debt relief. This is an excellent suggestion but to be able to get the maximum benefit from such advice it might be worthwhile to sit down beforehand and consider what questions you should put to the debt adviser and what you want to get out of the process. Roy Keane had a favourite phrase: ‘Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail’.


Debt Advisor

What Debt Advisors Should Tell You

There is considerable variation in the standard of service a debtor is likely to get when seeking debt advice from various debt advisors. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has published a helpful booklet on its website which summarises the type of debt advice you should expect to get. It is entitled ‘Getting Help with your Debts’ and it is well worth a read.


Personal Debt Issues

Facing up to Personal Debt Issues

Although personal debt is everywhere, people tend to be secretive about their own debt problems because of the fear of embarrassment, shame or even stigma that they experience with their family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues to learn of their predicament. People have their pride and revealing their financial difficulty is like a badge of failure, regardless of whether any blame attaches to the indebted person.  


Dealing with Company Debt

Are you operating a small business via a limited company? Is your company profitable or is it losing money steadily? Are prospects for business good or is there no hope for the business? Can the business be saved? Whether you are male or female, a publican, a butcher, a shopkeeper, a barber, a draper, a coal merchant, a small manufacturer or assembler of products, a farmer, a fisherman, a building contractor, a beauty therapist, a hairdresser, a masseuse, a printer, a courier, a taxi driver or whatever, so long as your business is incorporated as a limited company, you should know the answers to the questions posed above.


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