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Choosing the Right Insolvency Practitioner

If you’re going down the route of bankruptcy, insolvency or are considering measures such as an IVA, you’ll need the services of an Insolvency Practitioner. IPs in the UK must be licensed to act in matters of insolvency, and the discipline is regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association.


IPs are often professionals who are originally from legal and accounting backgrounds, but today many people train to go into the profession straight away. IPs are the only people licensed to carry out certain procedures within UK law, and are therefore required to fulfil rigorous requirements in terms of standards and professionalism.

Insolvency Practitioner

Financial Advice

As well as having the technical and legal ability to carry these matters out, IPs are also in a position to give individuals and companies trustworthy advice about their finances. If you’re no longer able to meet your debt payments, an IP is best placed to help you work out how to handle the situation.

Navigating financial matters is never easy, and when you’re facing unmanageable debt the importance of making the right choices is even greater. For this reason it’s imperative that an IP gives you sound advice that will really help your situation in the long term.

Insolvency Practitioners Association

The  Insolvency Practitioners Association or IPA is the main membership body for IPs, and also influences the standards and practices for the profession as a whole. IPs who are members of the IPA are therefore required to demonstrate a high standard in their profession. For this reason it’s always advisable to try to use an IP who is indeed a member of the IPA. This way you have a level of security that the person advising you is going to have the expertise and judgement to give you the best advice possible.


When you end up in a situation where there is a possibility that you may become bankrupt, there are often a lot of difficult choices to make. Again, the value of having the guidance of a good IP is enormous in these situations. When your debt troubles have landed you in a position where you’re having to consider your assets, for example, it really helps to have someone available who can explain the consequences of any decisions you take.

Often, when people are struggling with mounting debt, it can seem like there are no avenues left to explore, but with the help of a good IP, you may find things aren’t hopeless after all.

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